EnerPower Press

Your publishing team!

EnerPower Press, the team imprint of Energion Publications, aims to provide personalized service to self-publishers and ministries. But EnerPower Press is not just an imprint. It is a group of services we call team publishing because we use them to connect Energion Publications to you personally or your organization to multiply your effectiveness.

EnerPower Press services bring Energion Publications and its connections onto your team.

These services fall into four categories:

  1. Personalized, author supported and controlled publication services
    There are many companies providing self-publishing services. If you fit into one of the categories of service they offer, you will often find that these companies offer the best choice for you. EnerPower Press tries to step in when you need a customized process.
  2. Joint efforts
    Energion Publications offers book series that are edited and managed by other organizations. Good examples of this type of effort are our two Academy of Parish Clergy series, Conversations in Ministry and Guides to Practical Ministry. Joint publications fall under the joint editorial management of an outside organization and Energion Publication’s editorial team, and must satisfy both sets of content and design standards.
  3. Your own imprint
    If you or your organization want to produce a series of books under your own editorial supervision and designed to your own standards, and use these books to promote your ministry, we can provide you with your own imprint. This lets you brand books exclusively as your own and to control the entire design and editorial process. Energion Publications provides an agreed upon set of services.
  4. Customized Book Printing
    You can get many of our titles produced with some personalized content. We offer this service for seasonal gifts, such as a gift book with your Christmas letter included as part of the book, or for materials churches might use and would like to have their contact information and/or some message included in the content.
  5. Printing and distribution services
    If you can produce your own print-ready manuscript, design your own cover, and have a marketing plan of your own, but still want access to a broad range of distribution and marketing options with a personal touch, you may be interested in our printing and distribution services.

All of these services use these principles:

  • Pressure Free
    Our goal is to match each book with the best publisher. In fact, we will look at all means of publishing that are available to you, and only suggest a contract if it is the best option for your book.
  • Personal
    If you have a print-ready manuscript, go to one of the many paid publishing outlets available. If you can handle all of the preparation, consider an option such as  IngramSpark or Amazon’s CreateSpace. Why do we mention these other options? Because if they fit your needs better, we want you to go there. Really! Our programs are not for everyone.
  • Fully featured
    Do you have a book that needs substantial editing and proofreading? Do you have graphics you don’t know how to handle? Would you like finer control over the interior? Do you despise generic covers? Talk to us.
  • Detailed process and options
    Advance copies, press releases, seeking endorsements, web site, flyers, marketing. We’ll work with you. The amount that we do, and the amount you do is entirely negotiable. That’s what team and personalized mean.
  • Quality controlled
    Manuscripts must meet minimum quality and content standards. Yes, we will reject paid publishing projects if they cannot be brought up to our minimum standards. (The details vary depending on if you’re using our EnerPower Press imprint, producing a series in cooperation with us, or creating your own imprint.) If you’re a buyer or a dealer, you can buy with confidence. Unlike standard paid publishing, the manuscripts submitted must meet our standards for quality, so that we can truly stand behind them in the market.

In short, while the publishing process may be a bit different and these books may be out of the mainstream, they will look good, meet good proofreading standards, and they will meet specific content standards.