If you want complete control of your design and creation process, but would like some help with printing and distribution along with a personal touch, Energion Publications, through our EnerPower Press imprint, maybe just the thing for you.

Printing and distribution services does not offer any marketing assistance, and any design and preparation assistance involves an extra cost, but if you know your market, this can still be a good deal for you. Examples of projects that might be a good fit for this service would be a church or other organization cookbook designed for fundraising. You already know where most of your customers will come from, so marketing is less of an interest. On the other hand, you would like to be able to sell a few copies outside your group, and members would like to invite friends and relatives to buy copies. They’d like to refer them to their favorite online retailer. Further, you’d like to work with someone who already knows the print and distribution market and can make sure to make your book available to the widest group possible.

If this describes you, then gives us a call at (850) 525-3916 or email us at pubs@energion.com. We’ll be happy to discuss the details, starting with that personal touch.