Submission Procedure and Standards

Submissions to EnerPower Press must meet the same submission standards as manuscripts submitted to the Energion Publications main imprint, with certain specific differences.  You can find the standards here.

The differences are that a manuscript submitted for the EnerPower Press imprint:

  1. Need not fit completely inside the mission of Energion Publications, though it must not run contrary to that mission.
  2. Need not meet the same marketability requirements.
  3. May be on any topic, again provided it is not contrary to the Energion Publications mission.

The bottom line is that the team publishing concept may provide us with an opportunity to publish your limited market book, one which is on a topic we usually would not publish, or something we would not publish within the time frame you’d prefer, but it must be something we can market–or help you market–with enthusiasm.

This is a commitment we make both to our authors and to our dealers.