New Team Publishing Imprint Offers Unprecedented Flexibility to Authors

Energion Publications will begin publishing selected books under a new imprint, EnerPower Press. EnerPower Press will provide a quality, author-controlled, but highly customized team publishing process for specific high quality books.

Team publishing is a process by which an author can arrange to share responsibility for the publishing process with Energion Publications. Author royalties, payment, marketing responsibilities, and control over format are all negotiable. An author may pay for all or a negotiated part of the publishing process with variable royalties based on the shared risk.

Unlike standard paid publishing, our publishing team will not accept all manuscripts, but will instead select manuscripts that we can recommend each title to the appropriate audience honestly. Legitimate uses for this publishing process include publication of books with a small or niche market, that are outside our normal range of topics, or on which the author would simply prefer to pay up front and receive a much higher royalty.

EnerPower Press will also provide detailed customization for authors including specialized design and layout, cover design, specialized graphics, advance reader copies if desired, and a variety of levels of marketing support.

Concerning the team publishing concept, Energion Publications owner Henry Neufeld said:

I will not publish something I can’t recommend to customers. I’m not going to simply process the words, the pages, and a cover, and then shrug my shoulders and say, “Well, the author paid me.”  I don’t mean that I have to agree.  I might even disagree vigorously.  But the content must be of a quality that makes it worthwhile for people read and study.

Our first title under this new program has already been contracted and is in production. It will be The Messiah and His Coming Kingdom: A Biblical Roadmap by Robert A. Makar, scheduled for release June 1, 2009. Please watch the Energion Publications blog or follow us on Twitter for more announcements on this book and EnerPower Press.

For more information on EnerPower Press, authors, reviewers, book stores, and the general public may contact us at (850) 525-3916, by e-mail at, or at P. O. Box 841, Gonzalez, FL, 32560.

We have a generous program of review and advance reader copies of any of our books for interested individuals with established publications or blogs.

*We reserve final judgment on who is eligible to receive free books.

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