About This Page

This page provides information on joint publishing efforts, such as a book series edited by someone outside our organization. We discuss this on our EnerPower Press page because it is an instance we view as team publishing.

Team Publishing and a Book Series

Suppose you have an idea for a series of books and are willing to recruit the authors and do basic content editing, but wouldn’t want to get involved in the publication details?

Whether you’re an individual or represent an organization, Energion Publications is willing to work with you. Each contract for this type of book or book series must be individually developed. Book series can be produced under any appropriate imprint, or we can publish them under our EnerPower Press imprint, giving you primary control of content and standards. You might also want to consider your own imprint.

Currently, we produce two book series that are edited by another organization, our Conversations in Ministry and Guides to Practical Ministry series, both edited and managed by the Academy of Parish Clergy.

Getting Started

A project such as a book series needs to start with a discussion of goals, and so we recommend emailing us at pubs@energion.com to set up a conversation and to see whether your series and your organization would do well in this sort of program and whether Energion Publications would be a good fit to your needs as well.