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We group a number of services under our EnerPower Press web site. These include personal paid (or as we call it team) publishing, creation of a book series under one of our other imprints, or using our print services as a organization of ministry. This page discusses personal publishing under the EnerPower Press imprint.


The bottom line on either self-publishing or paid publishing is that authors rarely sell as many copies as they think they will. In general, they sell less.

We know this from experience, and we don’t want you to be deceived. A few self-publishing projects have ended up as winners, but most do not. Please don’t spend money you can’t afford to spend publishing your book because you think you’ll get rich selling it.

Why Choose EnerPower Press?

Most people who are looking at paid publishing options are uncertain how to self-publish. Generally that means accepting a generic package from a paid publishing outlet. You will have limited control over the process. That’s where team publishing comes in. We will work with you as a team to produce a quality product both in content and in appearance.

We recommend looking at multiple options for self-publishing services. If your book and your needs can be met by one of the more automated, pre-packaged services, you will do better working with that type of program. Be sure you understand what the publisher will and will not do for you.

If you would like to have a customized process, you can work with us. We will determine services and pricing according to what you can accomplish yourself and what we can do for you. Examples include:

  • You want to design your own cover art, but have us turn it into a detailed cover design
  • You like particular fonts and layouts
  • You can do all the work, but would like to have someone check it
  • You’d like to have the selling and distribution handled in a centralized fashion.

There are many other variants. Just email ( us or call us (850-525-3916), and we’ll discuss it. There’s no obligation and definitely no charge.

Should You Self-Publish?

There are several reasons that are not good reasons to submit your manuscript to EnerPower Press for team publishing:

  • Your manuscript has been rejected for poor quality.
  • Your manuscript has unacceptable contact, such as pornography or hate speech.
  • You are unwilling to meet appropriate standards of fact-checking and documentation.

There are several reasons that are good:

  • You have a quality manuscript that will reach a niche market
  • You would prefer to take the risk yourself by paying costs up front and receiving more royalties.
  • You like greater control over the process.
  • You are producing a special event or fundraising project, such as a pictorial report or a cookbook.

If you need team publishing for one of these reasons, we’re ready to talk. If you would like more information on how the team publishing concept used here was developed, you’ll find the history here.