Released: Homosexuality: A Scriptural Way Forward for the United Methodist Church

Homosexuality book coverEnerPower Press announces the release of a new book, Homosexuality: A Scriptural Way Forward for the United Methodist Church by Joe Miller, Jr.

For some people, the homosexuality issue is very clear cut. But many people have numerous questions and mixed feelings about the issues and the people involved. This book is written from the heart of a man, a pastor, who is concerned about the LGBT people in his church and community. He brings a scriptural, but also scientific discussion of this controversial subject, in which he believes we must “care for the least of these” as Jesus taught us.

Joe Miller, Jr. is a retired ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. He is a second-career clergy person who spent the first 30 years of his adult life as a chemical engineer. He holds a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Louisville and an MDiv from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. He is a U S Army vet, taught at Lamar University and the University of Akron, has managed a variety of R&D departments, has been awarded U S Patents and published articles in professional journeals.  He currently serves on the local city  council, operates an all-volunteer food share pantry, is the local director of the Salvation Army, and teaches Bible studies in local churches.


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    1. I clicked on >>> “CHOOSE A FORMAT – Paperback $12.99 8% off$12.00” but it does not work.
      Pçease, help me. I need at least 2 pages: 101 and 104, the ON PAGE 101 is:

      PAGE 101: “Gagnon does relate to earlier sources such as the apostolic fathers. In lists from Barnabas 19:4, The Didache 2:2, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and The Apostolic Constitution appear the Greek words porneia (fornication), moicheia (adultery), and paidophtoria (corruption of boys) parallel to lists of porneia, moicheia, and arsenokoites”.

      And I need the text on page 104 in English. ALL THE TEXT, PLEASE! At Google these pages are not available to be read.

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